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Vancouver website design and creative services


Feel confident in your online presence with stunning designs that attract all the right attention so you can qualify and convert more leads.

MARKETING that makeS you go 'wow'

designed to get you noticed

Let's build a system that hustles, so you don't have to

Designing a website and all that collateral your business needs as a service provider can be a lonely and overwhelming process. I get it. It’s a lot to take on! But it needn’t be a struggle.

With the right tools and resources you can build your business effortlessly so you can live the life you dream of. I’m here to help integrate your brand touchpoints and client processes through a high converting website that works hard for you.

No-code designs you'll love maintaining and scaling as your business grows

Executed to be successful

Affordable, easy to use, no-code Showit website and Canva brand templates to bring it all together.

Bringing your brand to life across all digital touchpoints from email, social, marketing collateral, and client files.

Custom design, template customization, template install and launch that reflects your purpose and personality.

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I'm less about hustle culture, and more about efficiency. My goal is to set you up with a website and marketing system that speaks true to you while equipping you with the confidence to maintain and scale as you grow.

Designer, Copywriter, & Content Creator

Hey, I'm Nicola


always exceeded my expectations

Nicola did my website and she understood exactly what I wanted; like she knew what I was thinking! She's truly the best!

-Julie g

incredible customer service

Working with Nicola allowed me to focus on other important business tasks while bringing my content to the next level.

-amit m

exceptional attention to detail

Every single element is so carefully thought about to deliver an stellar customer experience.

- Carolina S


Nicola asked the perfect questions; there was very little back and forth or tweaking because she understood my vision so clearly.

An elevated experience for the business owner who wants to reflect their personality and expertise at the highest level.


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For the diy'ers

Instantly upgrade your link in bio with an on-brand link page for your Showit website. This template is fully customizable and has been designed to better connect and engage with your Instagram followers as soon as they leave the app.

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My Favourite Copy Hacks for Boosting Conversion


Custom Showit Website Launch for Vancouver Realtor

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A creative and informational blog dedicated to support busy and burnt out lifestyle service providers

While I know you are fully capable of building your website yourself (no matter how "not tech-savvy" you think you are) I also understand wanting to hand it off to someone who can bring your vision to life, and then some!

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