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After 15 years in luxury hotels, and a home staging business somewhere in the middle, I was staring down an abyss of uncertainty. That said, I'm not afraid of change. So, when lockdown started I gave myself the space to listen to what my heart really wanted. And that was to create.

I opened up my first Etsy shop selling Canva templates, which evolved as I was approached for freelance work. I took some online courses and without realizing, a business was taking shape.

Time to get serious! I had some WordPress experience from my first business. This was a clear choice as an unmatched blogging powerhouse. But as a design tool it was a tech nightmare. I could see in my head exactly how I wanted my website to be yet I was frustrated as hell that I couldn’t translate that onto the page.

As a result I hated my website. I was so embarrassed to send anyone to it. So, I didn’t, and my business suffered.

As I put the phone down, it suddenly hit me…I'd been laid off

How I Became A Website Designer

it began with a pandemic

Whether you’re a startup with no idea where to begin, or an established business ready to level up, I’m here to help you make a great first impression online. Your dream clients are out there, ready and waiting to buy from you, let’s show them what you’ve got!

and now, i'm going to help you with yours

As I’m scrolling through Pinterest, sipping on my (now cold) coffee, I’m thinking, is this for real? I can keep my blog in WordPress and design the front end of my website without code? FINALLY! The website I've always dreamed of. 

That was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I discovered Showit and started owning my story.

All those years in hotels have taught me a thing or two about the human psyche. I love exploring the intersection where design, technology, and human connection collide. I believe that with this strategy, your marketing assets can become timeless and scalable for years to come.

my approach

We’re a great fit if you already have a strong sense of your brand mission, values, and message. I can put all of that to work with beautiful, strategic design that will elevate your online presence so you can show up and serve doing what you love.

Bold, fearless thought leaders who want to create their own security and stability, while achieving freedom on their own terms

my clients are

Now a Canadian Permanent Resident, I started my home staging business and went PT at the hotel.


Moved from England to Vancouver, Canada on what was only supposed to be a 12 month thing.


My hotel career started to take off with my BA (hons) in Hospitality Business Management.


Hindsight really is 2020 (the year, that is) and in a way, being laid off saved me from burnout and put a lot of things into perspective.

I'm proud of where I've been, but I'm even more excited for where I'm going. And now you get to come along with me.

Through The Years

my story

that view though!

Hotel closure and layoff made room for new creative hobbies to take center stage.


So proud of my team and what we achieved, exceeding every target by a landslide.


Closed my business and started working for Fairmont, accelerating my leadership career.


Started website copywriting and freelancing. Quit my hotel career for good.


Passed Showit Design Standards course and started specializing in real estate marketing.


Trading in my pointe shoes for knife shoes

Caffeinating at a local coffee shop


Crate & Barrel...just take my money already

Obsessing over the latest home décor trends
(Crate & Barrel...just take my money already)

Long walks in the salty air

Road tripping. It's my number one source of inspiration.


when i'm not working

Let's Make Something Beautiful Together

My personal design style is elegant, refined, and neutral forward with sophisticated detail and immaculate polish. A place where design enhances and supports your content, not the other way around.

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