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Are you ready to stand out with a website you're finally proud of?

A professional website shows your visitors that you care about your business and that translates into trust that you will care about them. With this, your website can dramatically increase your sales, calls, and leads - making it a fantastic investment to grow your business. 

It’s time to finally drag your website out of the last decade and start showing up online with the confidence you and your business deserves. I know how to make that happen!

How It Works


We'll start your inquiry with a discovery call to ensure we're a good fit. Then you'll sign your custom proposal and pay your deposit to confirm your project.


Complete your onboarding and content prep kit before we dive into a strategy session. After this, you can relax while I create the website of your dreams!


When you're fully happy and have signed off on revisions we'll start to plan your launch. I'll handle all the tech stuff. You just put the bubbles on ice.

Custom IDX Website

Strategic and unique. Just like you.

Establish and strengthen your personal brand to connect with prospective clients on a deeper level. Get ready to ditch website agency fees, and stand out from cookie cutter websites once and for all. Tailor made to give you everything you need and nothing you don't.


Custom website design and development with IDX

Mobile friendly responsive design

Basic on page SEO implementation

Stock images

30 day post launch tech support


Most projects take between 4-6 weeks depending on scale of website (i.e., number of pages)


My clients typically invest $2,500 - $4,000 CAD depending on complexity of their needs. Payment plans are available.

Template Customization

All the finesse. None of the stress

AKA the semi-custom website. Start with a Showit template and I'll customize it to perfection so if feels like it was made just for you. Got a template sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Let's get you launched ASAP!


Semi custom website starting from a template of your choice* cost of template not included

15% discount off NM or Tonic template

Basic on page SEO implementation

14 day post launch tech support


5-15 days depending on IDX requirements


$800 CAD (non IDX)
$1,200 CAD (with IDX*)

IDX subscription is not included. You will also need to upgrade to Showit Advanced Blog tier for IDX to function.

MLS/IDX Install

The ultimate wow-factor for your clients

The most important function of your real estate website is the auto-population of MLS listings. And it's totally possible with Showit using a WordPress plugin like iHomeFinder! This is perfect for you if you're ready to upgrade your published site, or have completed your design pre-launch.


Install and set up of IDX plugin

Convert applicable Showit pages to WordPress

Add market reports, sold listings, and other features based on IDX coverage

7 day post launch tech support


5-7 days for set up. There may be additional wait times for all third-party integrations to synchronize 


$500 CAD

IDX subscription is not included. You will also need to upgrade to Showit Advanced Blog tier for IDX to function.

Perfect if you need to refine your visual brand with a brand board, colour palette, typography, and word mark logo.


Brand Essentials

Ok, but what if I need more?

Up to 5 pages of authentic, fresh, SEO-friendly copy that resonates with your ideal client. Ready to take copywriting off your list?



Brand styling for all your business collateral. Social media, property marketing, brochures, lead name it, you got it!


Marketing Assets

amit manhas - remax all points

“Before finding Nicola, I worked with the 2 largest website providers in my industry and she has surpassed both.”

Nicola created and developed an amazing website that’s organized, user friendly and visually stunning. I knew after our first meeting Nicola was exactly what I needed. She asked questions to get insight on my perspective/style, we then brainstormed some ideas together and from there she added her touch. Definitely recommend!

shaina finally had some free time again

“Working with Blaire was one of the best decisions I've made in my business. It's literally been game-changing.”

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Sure, You Could DIY

fumbling through the process

Burning the midnight oil, flipping between YouTube tutorials and Showit help docs every two minutes, with or without wine. It's possible. But are you even enjoying it?

Questioning your design choices

Not sure if the template you bought last year is even working for you? Or worse, you're forcing your content to fit the template, not the other way round. 

wasting time and effort

Your to do list is long enough without piecing together your site with trial and error. Better to spend time on your business and nurturing your clients, not working on your website.

Launch, Stress Free

focus on your clients

stand out from the competition

grow your business

have more 'me' time

or, with my help you could

is that a yes?

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