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How Good Copywriting Can Help Your Business

And the benefits of hiring a copywriter

Website copywriting is more than just words being strung together to let people know what your business is about. Good copywriting reflects the core values of your business, while creating a meaningful, emotional connection for the viewer, which will eventually convert them into paying customers. This can be said for all of your content writing, but website copy is a cut above.

For one thing, your home/landing page is static copy, meaning everyone who visits your website is going to see it. So it has to be clear, concise, and compelling in order for the desired action to be taken. And on top of all that it needs to be search engine friendly.

Still in doubt? Here are 5 good reasons why hiring a copywriter can help your business grow.

Good copywriting requires extensive niche and competitor research

Copywriters are expert researchers, because we know that having a clear grasp of the business and its audience is critical to writing copy that converts. Using Google the right way is an easy place to start. And when I say “the right way” I mean getting really specific with search terms. If you’re not using quotation marks to group your search term then you’re wasting a lot of time going pages deep trying to find what you want.

Try this to see what I mean; search personal trainer women health and compare the results when you add quotation marks “personal trainer women health”.

Cool, huh?!

Good copywriting reveals an intimate understanding of your target audience

I have to admit this is probably one of my favourite strategies. I even dedicate a 90-minute call with my clients just on this topic. As business owners we’re more than aware of the role an ideal customer avatar plays in targeting our marketing efforts, but you need to go much deeper than that to produce effective copy. It’s about hitting every single emotion of the decision making process and continuing it through the entire customer journey.

Good copywriting enforces brand image

Your brand is so much more than your logo, or your colour palette. Brand image refers to how  your business wants to portray itself to its customers, and language is a fantastic way to elevate that message. This goes hand in hand with tone of voice.

Do you know what other written content can help with brand identity? Taglines, slogans, the way you address your audience (hey, hi, s’up) and your sign offs are all intentional, consistent pieces of communication that make you memorable.

Good copywriting emphasizes value

You only get one chance to make a lasting impression and get readers hooked – and that one chance is only about 8 seconds long. So… 




Get your audience hooked and then reel them in with high quality content that keeps them coming back for more. The challenge is that every piece of content serves a different purpose. A good copywriter knows this and can therefore create incredible copy that provides all the right information in exactly the right place.

Good copywriting supports the user experience (UX)

Writing for the internet is very different from offline or printed marketing. Website copywriters in particular are experienced in helping readers navigate their way through the digital experience in order to get to their (or your) desired outcome. We write content that becomes the guiding voice in making the customer respond in a specific way. You might be familiar with things like pop-ups and buttons, or calls to action (CTA) and they are far from random. Think of them as the GPS signposts for your site map.

It’s just words right, how hard can they be? And you could absolutely do this yourself. Here’s some basic tips for writing good website copy to get started:

01: Every word matters

Choose your words carefully because there is simply no room for waste. Say enough to fulfill the purpose and not a word more.

02: Grab attention

Your headline should not be an afterthought. These are the words that are going to drive your audience to keep reading. Make it useful, urgent, unique, and ultra-specific.

03: It’s not about you

Tell your story in a way that makes it all about them. 

04: Social proof

Testimonials, reviews, case studies, your portfolio! All of these things can help to raise the profile of your brand. Proofread, redact, and edit as needed to maintain relevance.

05: Remember the three C’s

Be clear, concise, and compelling. As Albert Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Truth be told, website copy can be very intimidating, even to those who enjoy writing, and honestly it all comes down to the return on investment; the investment being time and energy. 

So, what will it be – DIY, outsource, or something in between?

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