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13 Words to Avoid in Your Digital Marketing

Avoid these words in your content marketing to make your message stronger, shorter, and more powerful by keeping fluff to a minimum.

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copy editing and words to avoid in digital markting
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Copywriting hacks for boosting conversion

Knowing what to say is one thing, but how you write your message can make all the difference. I’m sharing a few of my favourite copy hacks that will instantly upgrade your content.

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Writing for the internet

Proofreading is the finishing touch, but copy editing comes first. It’s an intricate, yet ruthless process that makes written content the best it can be.

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Good copywriting reflects the core values of your business, while creating a meaningful, emotional connection for the viewer, which will eventually convert them into paying customers.

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Email is the most simple, affordable, and effective way to market your business. A welcome email sequnce is the best way to create engagement, make a lasting impression, and convert leads.

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Revisit and refine the marketing materials that have the biggest potential to attain and acquire new clients.

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Most of the decisions we make in business are all about our customer, but every now and then you should consider what also makes sense to you.  Choosing the right social media platform is one of those things.

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Social Media is evolving all the time, and fast; it’s hard to keep up.  That’s why a social media marketing plan is necessary for your business goals to provide a sense of direction.

Running a business on your own isn’t easy - been there, done that. I’m here to inspire and support your creativity so you can make a positive impact on yourself and your business.

My goal is to set you up with a website marketing system that will not only launch your business, but one that you’ll love and feel confident maintaining and scaling as you grow.


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