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It's just a normal Monday. You're scrolling through social media, sipping on your freshly brewed mug of coffee - maybe you're still in your pj's (hey, me too) trying to find the right inspiration to get you going. That's why your here! ENJOY!


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Secrets to Writing a Welcome Email Sequence:

Email is the most simple, affordable, and effective way to market your business. A welcome email sequnce is the best way to create engagement, make a lasting impression, and convert leads.


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Before web design I was a copywriter (and before that a leader in luxury hotels) so I live in a place where tech, marketing, and people collide. I’m a firm believer that it takes all three components to work simultaneously in order to reach, connect, and convert your ideal client.

I’m here to inspire and support your creativity so you can make a positive impact on yourself and your business.

Hi, I’m Nicola
Showit and Canva Designer

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